Leak Testing for the Beverage Industry

Bottle Leak Testing

Blow molders who manufacture plastic bottles for the beverage industry need to avoid product loss at all costs. Leak testing bottles before they’re filled can ensure that defective bottles never reach the filling line. Air Logic Power Systems’ leak testers automatically reject defective bottles. Our machines can test up to 1200 bottles per minute.

Our beverage leak testing machines use pressure decay to test the integrity of all types of beverage bottles, including those with more complex, stylized shapes. Beverage industry manufacturers rely on ALPS leak testers to test:

  • Juice bottles
  • Soda bottles
  • Plastic beer bottles
  • Plastic wine bottles
  • Plastic liquor bottles
  • Milk bottles and jugs

Common Leak Testers for Beverage Bottles

We offer a range of options for blow molders of beverage bottles. Whether you need our fastest model, or a slower model for larger containers, we have a solution for you. Consult the table below to determine which model best suits your needs.

Machine NameMachine TypeSpeedContainer Sizes

NexGen Rotary Leak Tester


NexGen Rotary Leak Detector for Empty Containers

Rotary continuous motion, 4 to 30 stations

50 to 1200 BPM

8 to 300 ounces(0.2 to 10L)

Speed Glider Multiple Station Moving Head Leak Detection 

Speed-Glider multiple station moving head leak detection system

Multi-station linear, moving head

20 to 500 BPM (1200 to 30,000 BPH), depending on bottle size

4 to 300 ounces (100mL to 10L)

SC Linear Bottle Leak Detection System 

SC Linear bottle leak detection system

Single station linear, indexing conveyor

10 to 150 CPM (600 to 9000 BPH), depending on bottle size

2 to 128 ounces (50ml to 4L)


To see our full line of Leak Detectors, visit our Leak Detection Systems page.

Application Notes

Learn more about our leak testers by visiting our application notes.

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