SST Single Head Linear Leak Tester

Testing empty containers after blow molding is a critical part of protecting your inventory through quality management. However, without the right leak testing equipment, you risk decreasing efficiency by slowing down your production line.

Speed up the time it takes to perform height changeovers with the SST Linear leak tester from ALPS Inspection.

The SST leak tester is designed to work with your Injection Blow Molding (IBM) system for a seamless testing experience.

The SST leak tester combines a single station linear indexing conveyor leak tester with a blow molder takeout conveyor to deliver accuracy and efficiency. 


SST Leak Tester

The SST Linear Leak Tester has electrically adjustable legs that make it an ideal option for downstream blow molder lines that require regular conveyor height changeovers. 

Download SST Leak Tester Brochure

How the SST Leak Tester Works

The takeout conveyor features Intralox table-top chain, an independent control box, and signal interface with your blow molder. Electrically adjustable legs allow for efficient conveyor height changeovers, making this leak tester ideal for downstream blow molder lines requiring regular conveyor height changes. The machine frame also features casters, allowing you to move the system out of the way quickly during mold changeovers.

Maintain Line Efficiency with a Leak Tester Takeout Conveyor System

SST linear leak testers can accept an optional pause signal from the blow molder to stop the takeout conveyor for bottle placement. A 3-position switch on the control box allows you to operate the takeout conveyor forward for production or in reverse for easy scrap cleanup.

Before the leak testing process begins, injection blow molded bottles are side transferred to the separate leak tester conveyor, which stops for the leak test of each bottle presented.  The system ejects bad bottles from the conveyor and allows good bottles to continue moving down the line for packaging.

The SST leak tester features:

  • Servo motor for improved container handling and consistent stopping at the test location 
  • E-stop for user safety
  • Color touchscreen with advanced controls, for ease of use and troubleshooting
  • Controls mounted to face the main aisle, away from the blow molder for convenient operator access
  • Electrically adjustable legs adjust to any conveyor height between 34.5” to 50” with the push of a button. This allows for simple changeover between different container heights.
  • Optional Counter/Diverter to sort and count bottles into pack boxes for a simple tumble pack setup at the end of the line.

SST Leak Tester Equipment Models:

  • SST-150 Linear is a non-vacuum conveyor leak tester with a 150” takeout conveyor. We designed this model for Jomar 135-ton or similar molding platform.
  • SST-130 is a non-vacuum conveyor leak testing with a 130” takeout conveyor. We designed this model for Jomar 85-ton or similar molding platform.

Blow molders and bottling operations worldwide trust ALPS Inspection leak testers for their bottle testing needs. 

Questions? Contact us and a leak detection expert will be in touch.