Leak Detection Systems

Leak detection systems include pressure decay and vacuum testing equipment used to find leaks and other defects in plastic bottles and containers. Several industries ranging from food and beverage to automotive utilize leak testing equipment to identify defects and ensure product integrity.

Bottle Leak Detection Equipment for PET Containers and More

PET is used to produce plastic bottles for food and beverages, personal care products and household products. Companies prefer this material because is strong, lightweight, does not react with food or beverages and is recyclable. Despite their durability, PET bottles and other containers can have manufacturing defects that lead to product leaks or contamination once the bottles are filled.

Bottle leak detection equipment provides a solution by quickly and effectively testing bottles for leaks and removing defective bottles from the production line. Leak detection systems can inspect up to several thousand bottles per hour, ranging from small vials to gallon-sized containers.

Leak Detection Systems for Automated Bottling and Packaging Applications

ALPS offers standard leak detection equipment for the plastic packaging market, including:

  • Rotary Leak Detection Equipment: Our rotary leak testers feature a rotary configuration and conduct high-speed testing with excellent accuracy. They are designed for on-line inspection and are offered in options for empty plastic bottles, filled and sealed products, extra-large containers, and turrets for Monoblock applications.
  • Linear Leak Detection Equipment: We offer a diverse line of single station and multi-station linear leak detectors for on-line and off-line testing applications. Options include moving head leak testers and conveyor leak testers in several configurations.
  • Integrated Leak Detection Equipment: For customers that don’t need a full leak detection system, we offer leak testing units that integrate within other equipment including bottle converters, labelers, trimmers, blow molding machines and more. All units are built to your specifications to ensure compatibility with existing equipment.
  • Leak Detection System Accessories: Our accessories for leak detection equipment allow you to further customize your system and make modifications as your needs change. Current options include vacuum blowers for bottle handling, downed bottle ejectors and open conveyor chains.

Find the Right Leak Detector for Your Empty Plastic Bottle Testing Application

Please note that product sizes and speeds are meant as general guidelines only, and final speeds depend upon the required test time, and in the case of linear leak detectors also depend upon the container size. If you have any questions regarding your leak testing equipment needs, please Ask a Question or fill out a Request for Quote form.

Leak Tester Product LineType of Leak TesterCommon Speed RangeCommon Bottle Size RangeMain Features of Leak Tester
Multi-moving head leak tester
Flex Pitch multi-moving head leak tester
Multi-station linear, moving head up to 250 BPM (depending on bottle size) up to 350oz 2, 3 or 4 multi-moving heads, high speed, no timing screw, fast and tool-less changeover, wide range of bottle, no line modification, mounts over existing conveyor
Rotary leak detector
NexGen Rotary Leak Detector for Empty Containers
Rotary continuous motion, 4 to 30 stations 50 to 1200 BPM 8 to 300 ounces(0.2 to 10L) "LTC" pressure or vacuum decay test circuits, Quick-Lock No Tools change parts, color touch screen

Rotary leak detection for filled & sealed containers

NexGen Rotary XLS for Extra Large Containers

Rotary continuous motion, radial infeed Up to 60 BPM 5-gallon (20L) square or round “LTC” test circuits, no timing screw, integrated infeed and exit conveyors
Speed Glider leak detector
Speed-Glider multiple-station moving head linear leak detection system
Multi-station linear, moving head 20 to 500 BPM (1200 to 30,000 BPH), depending on bottle size 4 to 300 ounces (100mL to 10L) Servo driven linear slide, positive Timing Screw handling, multi-channel high speed PLC, color touch screen. Lower cost alternative to small rotary leak testers
SC Linear indexing conveyor bottle leak detection
SC Linear bottle leak detection system
Single station linear, indexing conveyor 10 to 150 CPM (600 to 9000 BPH), depending on bottle size 2 to 128 ounces (50ml to 4L) Servo driven indexing vacuum conveyor, color touch screen. General purpose unit, requires transfer of bottles to/from leak tester conveyor.
SC Linear indexing conveyor bottle leak detection
LC Linear Low Cost Single Head Leak Tester
Single station linear, indexing conveyor 1 to 25 CPM (60 to 1500 BPH), depending on bottle size 2 to 128 ounces (50ml to 4L) Multi-strand conveyor, color touch screen. General purpose unit, requires transfer of bottles to/from leak tester conveyor.

SC-XL leak tester for large containers

Single station linear, indexing conveyor Up to 20 to 50 BPM (1200 to 3000 BPH), depending on bottle size Typically Up to 5 gallon (20L) Same capabilities as SC Linear with conveyor sizes for large bottles
RS Linear moving head bottle leak detection
RS-S Linear bottle leak detector
Single station linear, moving head 10 to 150 BPM (600 to 9000 BPH), depending on bottle size and conveyor speed 1 to 64 ounces (3cc to 2L) Servo driven linear slide, encoder wheel to match to conveyor speed. No tooling, bottle backlog or bottle transfers required. Best for hard-to-handle containers.
SX Linear bottle stop leak detector
SX Linear bottle leak detector
Single station linear, bottle stop 10 to 50 BPM (600 to 3000 BPH), depending on bottle size and conveyor speed 8 to 200 ounces (20ml to 6L) "Bottle stop" machine using Gate, Stop and Reject cylinders. Best for stable bottles that stop efficiently on the fly. Capable of angle necks.

*Final machine speeds are dependent on the test time required to meet the specified leak test sensitivity. Speeds on linear leak testing equipment are also dependent on the container size, with only the smallest products testing on the high side of the speed range.

**Note that these are general size guidelines on standard leak testing equipment only, and machine versions may be available for smaller or larger product

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ALPS has developed a full line of leak detection systems. Use the table above to find the ALPS leak detector that will best fit your needs or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.