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Leak Testing Equipment

Monitor and improve plastic container production.

Empty Plastic Container Leak Testing Equipment

Split seams, weak seals, and other plastic packaging issues do not just result in leaks. They can lead to contamination that affects product integrity and can affect your brand. Empty plastic container leak inspection equipment detects defects along the bottom, sidewalls, and neck of plastic containers. Available as separate tabletop units or integrated into your production line, ALPS Inspection systems perform leak and integrity tests without interruption to your production line.

Test from a dozen to a hundred bottles-per-minute and keep your manufacturing processes running smooth and efficient while ensuring packaging quality.

group shot of bottle defects 6_wide angle

Leak Inspection for Plastic Packages

  • Bottle testers for blow molded HDPE (polyolefin)
  • Machines for PET bottle inspection
  • Leak testers for injection-molded containers and assemblies
  • Leak and function testers for dispensing closures

Fast and Reliable Leak Testing Machines for Empty Containers

Empty plastic container leak testing systems from ALPS include linear in-line testing systems that include single or multi-testing stations for bottles of various sizes. Choose the one that fits your production needs.

Our product selector will help you find your perfect match!

Single and Multi-Station Moving Head Linear Leak Testers

  • Available as single or multi-head test stations, these solutions are configured to test bottles “in-line” on a bottle conveyor system
  • "In-line" defense systems to catch bottle defects
  • Non-destructive pressure decay leak testing method
  • Incorporates continuous motion to inspect up to 500 containers per minute
  • Can be installed onto your existing tabletop conveyor system
  • Features a multi-channel PLC and touch color screen interface
  • Ideal for a wide range of industry applications

FlexPitch® Multi-Station Moving Leak Detector

Rotary Leak Testers

  • Ideal for a range of high-volume leak testing industry applications
  • Containers are inspected as they travel around the turntable
  • Non-destructive pressure decay or vacuum decay leak testing methods.
  • Test heads check each bottle for leaks 
  • Configured  with 4 to 30 test stations and capable of test speeds up to 1,200 bottles per minute


NexGen Rotary_front_side angle

NexGen Rotary Leak tester

For more information about our leak detection equipment and leak testing methods,
contact a leak detection expert at ALPS today.