Purchasing leak inspection equipment is a long-term investment. It is important that your machine is supported well beyond the first few years of operation. As equipment matures, maintenance and upgrades become a critical service to improve efficiencies and enhance operation.

Upgrades, mechanical and electrical, keep your equipment from falling into obsolescence and prevent costly repairs down the road.

ALPS Inspection is a partner that understands the value of extending the life of your investment, so we design and manufacture retrofits for our large installed base of leak testing machines.

If you are interested in repair and refurbishing of an existing leak testing machine, the first step is an audit which can be performed at your site by an ALPS service technician, or at our facility, should you wish to ship the machine to us.

Some smaller retrofits are available for customers to install, or for a fee, an ALPS technician can come on site and install.

If you are interested in the available retrofits for your machine, or for an audit proposal, please confirm the model number and work order number and Contact Service and Parts Department.