RS Linear Moving Leak Tester

The ALPS Inspection RS Linear leak tester is an innovative continuous motion machine (U.S. Patent #7, 266, 993) that follows bottles on a customer’s conveyor for the purpose of a leak test. Applications for the RS Linear bottle leak detector generally range from 10 bottles per minute, BPM, up to 160 BPM for the smallest container sizes.

How the RS Linear Leak Tester Works

The test photo-eye senses container presence and initiates the leak test sequence. A probe is extended onto the container to form a seal and perform a Pressure Decay leak test.

The RS Linear bottle leak detector's servo-driven linear slide moves the probe carriage in a linear motion, for the stroke length of one container, to follow the container during the test.

After the test is complete, the tester's servo moves the probe head back to home position to wait for the next test. An encoder wheel, riding on the customer conveyor, provides a speed input signal for synchronization of the slide speed to the container/conveyor speed.


RS Linear Leak Testing Applications

The RS Linear bottle leak detector is ideal for hard-to-handle containers including very small bottles, reverse taper shapes or severe oval shapes.

Download ALPS RS-Linear Brochure

Common applications include the following blow molding processes:

  • One Stage Injection-Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET containers
  • Injection-Blow Molded (IBM) containers e.g. pharma bottles
  • Intermittent Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM Shuttle or Horizontal Wheel) bottles

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