FlexPitch® Duo Leak Testing System

Big news for small containers! With a small footprint, simple setup, and an optimized color HMI, the FlexPitch® Duo leak tester from ALPS Inspection brings the ultimate in speed and flexibility to your small container blow molding line, no matter the size of your operation. With ALPS unique Nested Mode technology, dual independent heads perform reliable, accurate empty container leak testing without slowing you down.

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FlexPitch Duo

The FlexPitch Duo is a dual-moving head leak tester designed to match the speed of your small container blow molder. It features dual independent moving test heads to ensure container integrity and a compact design that easily integrates into your existing line and moves from line to line.

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Dual-Moving Head Leak Detection Equipment only from ALPS Inspection

When line uptime is a priority, ALPS Inspection’s FlexPitch Duo leak tester makes it simple to integrate empty container leak detection into your small container blow molding line, adding a layer of protection while maintaining efficiency.

The smaller frame of the FlexPitch Duo tester easily integrates into your existing line, conserving valuable floor space while delivering proven leak detection. Here are just some of the attributes of the FlexPitch Duo:

  • Its compact size and simple installation make it easy to move the detector from one line to another, providing flexibility and quick changeover that can help increase the overall efficiency of your blow molding operations.
  • Automated Error Recovery programming maintains test accuracy and rejects faulty containers while minimizing operator intervention, saving you time while protecting your valuable inventory.
  • A new and optimized color HMI delivers improved reporting, visibility of pressure curves, parameter change tracking, and enhanced troubleshooting, providing increased awareness of all aspects of leak testing in an easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate touchscreen.

Backed by industry-leading service and engineering support from ALPS Inspection, the FlexPitch Duo leak tester delivers immediate value and long-term quality assurance to your production line. ALPS Inspection’s experienced team provides partnership, service, and support, from line integration design throughout the life of the equipment.

Features of the FlexPitch include:

  • Design catered for small container leak testing sizes 3mL up to 1.75L
  • Created to support faster lines and smaller container testing
  • Dual independent moving test heads occupy the same space, resulting in a smaller footprint
  • Fast and simple installation
  • No line modification required; it installs around your existing conveyor
  • Flexible design makes it possible and easy to move from line to line
  • No bottle transfers required to and from separate leak tester conveyor(s)
  • Full-color touch screen operation
  • 24-hour service support

FlexPitch Leak Testing Applications

Common applications for empty container inspection using the FlexPitch Duo dual-head moving head leak tester include: