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October 23, 2023

Come visit booth 47 to meet with our team of leak testing experts at the 38th Annual Blow Molding Conference (ABC 2023) courtesy of the SPE Blow Molding Division. Hear from other professionals about industrial applications, PET packaging, new developments in PCR, sustainability in blow molding, and more.


Event Information



October 23-25, 2023



Monday, October 23rd:  2 PM - 7:30 PM

Tuesday, October 24th:  8 AM - 6 PM

Wednesday, October 25th:  8 AM - 2 PM



The Westin Chicago North Shore

601 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Wheeling, Illinois 60090


Booth #47


View the event schedule here.


About Us

ALPS Inspection is the industry's first choice in non-destructive inspection systems to ensure total package integrity. Industries such as food and beverage, automotive, nutraceutical, healthcare, and personal care all use leak detection systems to test product containers for leaks and other defects. ALPS was founded in 1974 and to date has delivered more than 3,000 machines responsible for testing over 50 billion containers annually. Our package inspection solutions range from manual leak testing equipment for lab and sampling applications to high-speed total bottle inspection systems.

Having confidence that your leak tester can identify defects and offer insights to prevent future occurrences is essential. ALPS Inspection provides reliable pressure decay leak testing systems designed to detect container defects in line with your specifications. Learn more about ALPS Inspection Linear Leak Testers and high-speed Rotary Leak Testers