Feasibility Testing

Gain confidence in your leak testing machine capabilities, optimize machine performance, and reduce defects and downtime with feasibility testing.

ALPS Inspection maintains a testing lab for manual evaluation of sample containers, as well as test sensitivity trials. Our feasibility testing services are most commonly used for two types of customer needs: evaluating leak testing machine capabilities and categorizing the severity of defects a customer encounters.

Capability Feasibility Testing

The first type of feasibility testing determines leak testing machine capabilities. We test the type of bottle that your company uses and whether it will reliably detect the hole size or other leak source required. Capability feasibility testing brings many inherent cost-saving benefits, including determining the type of machine you need to eliminate defects and maintain the consistent performance of your leak testing equipment.

Defect Feasibility Testing

The second type of feasibility testing we perform evaluates your defect samples to categorize the type of defects or estimate the hole size. We then provide advice and guidance on the best leak testing solution to prevent defects from reaching your customer. Defect feasibility testing helps to reduce false rejects, eliminating defective products running through the line, improving product integrity, and reducing downtime.

Learn more about feasibility testing in this comprehensive blog post.

Get Started With a Feasibility Test Today

If you want to get the most out of your leak testing equipment, ALPS Inspection can help. Our feasibility testing services can help confirm the part information, testing specifications, and speed requirements (e.g., Containers Per Minute or Cycle Time for manual testing applications). What should you expect from a feasibility test?

  • Our team of experts will gather data and conclusions in the offline setting. Our feasibility testing services minimize downtime and allow you to get the data you need before implementing changes.
  • Once the testing is complete, we will share the results. This may include improvement suggestions, such as time or parameter adjustments to improve defect detection or machine performance improvements. It’s a chance to engage ALPS leak testing experts and talk about how to maximize machine performance.

If you are interested in an evaluation and proposal, please complete the form on this page. An ALPS Inspection professional will respond promptly to your inquiry and coordinate appropriate next steps.