Empty Plastic Container Feasibility Testing

Gain confidence in your leak testing machine capabilities, optimize machine performance, and reduce defects and downtime with plastic container feasibility testing.

ALPS Inspection maintains a testing lab for manual evaluation of sample containers, as well as test sensitivity trials. The Feasibility Testing service offers comprehensive container evaluation designed specifically for blow molding manufacturers.

We assess your rigid, empty plastic containers, enabling you to explore new inspection options. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to enhance product quality and meet the highest industry standards.

Feasibility Testing

At ALPS Inspection, we offer our Feasibility Testing service to assist converters in the evaluation of defective and good-quality container samples. Our team of specialists provides valuable guidance on troubleshooting and leak testing solutions. This service is available to ALPS customers, as well as those who utilize non-ALPS leak testers or have yet to implement any leak testing solutions.

Whether introducing production lines, embarking on new projects, exploring packaging innovations like lightweighting, or pursuing other initiatives, our service offers valuable insights into what is achievable. We are here to help you deliver flawless plastic containers that consistently meet customer expectations.

Achieve Your Highest Quality Standards

By using our Feasibility Testing service, you can gain peace of mind knowing that every plastic container leaving your facility meets your highest quality standards. Our expert team will identify the type of defect you're experiencing, discover the best testing parameters for your unique container, and provide recommendations to improve your production line and prevent future defects. With our thorough evaluation and targeted solution, you can enhance your product quality, strengthen your brand reputation, and build customer trust.

How to Get Started

To take advantage of our Feasibility Testing services, simply fill out our online form to start the conversation with one of our inspection professionals. We'll guide you through the process, understand your specific needs, and provide a customized solution. Our experienced team will ensure a smooth and efficient transition, helping you enhance your production line and address any existing or potential defects. Invest in the quality of your plastic containers today and experience the benefits of our Feasibility Testing.

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Feasibility Testing Process

Feasibility testing brings many inherent cost-saving benefits, including determining the type of machine you need to eliminate plastic container defects and maintain the consistent performance of your leak testing equipment.

Here are the steps of our testing process:

Step 1: Specification Discovery

Start by connecting with one of our specialists. Then, if deemed suitable, you will be asked to send good-quality samples of your plastic bottles or containers to ALPS. Our specialists will utilize the self-test feature on our in-house machine and the self-test orifices to determine the detectable hole size. This assessment considers factors such as the available test time (based on line speed), the presence of a leak tester on the line, and the head count. This step ensures precise defect detection and quality control.

Step 2: Defect Feasibility Testing

If you have defective samples, you can send them to ALPS for a thorough defect analysis. Our team will closely examine the defects to understand their characteristics and root causes. In addition, we utilize your good-quality samples with the self-test feature to establish a correlation between the leak size in your defects.

This process involves comparing the test results of the defect sample to the corresponding results of a good sample, using a range of self-test orifices. By doing so, we can estimate the hole size for the defect based on this comparison. This analysis provides valuable insights into the specific issues affecting your containers so we can help pinpoint faulty areas in your upstream blow molding process and offer targeted solutions.

Step 3: Results and Solutions

Based on steps one and two, we will provide you with comprehensive testing results and guidance on the best solution for your needs. Whether it's an adjustment or performance improvement to your existing leak testers, such as time or parameter adjustments, our experts will ensure you have the most effective inspection solution for your product. With our guidance, you can improve your production line, prevent future defects, and deliver flawless containers that consistently meet customer expectations.

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Get Started With a Feasibility Test Today

If you want to get the most out of your leak testing equipment, ALPS Inspection can help. Our plastic container feasibility testing services can help confirm the part information, testing specifications, and speed requirements (e.g., Containers Per Minute or Cycle Time for manual testing applications).

It’s a chance to engage ALPS leak testing experts and talk about how to eliminate defects, minimize downtime, maximize machine performance, and allow you to get the data you need before implementing any changes.

Interested in our plastic container feasibility testing services? An ALPS Inspection professional will respond promptly to your inquiry and coordinate appropriate next steps. Take a proactive step towards enhancing the quality of your product today!