ALPS: Leak Detection Equipment for Every Industry


ALPS: Leak Detection Equipment for Every Industry

Plastic Container Leak Testing

ALPS leak testing – container examples

ALPS leak detection equipment ensures the integrity of the majority of mass-produced empty container types for a variety of industries.

Industries We Serve

We serve customers in a range of industries, including:

Leak Detection Equipment and Leak Testing Methods

Our leak inspection systems use various leak testing methods including:

  • Pressure decay: By far the most common method for empty plastic containers, this method detects leakage as an excessive pressure drop in a container, after the bottle is sealed and pressurized.
  • Vacuum decay: For select applications, vacuum can be used in place of pressure.  A typical application is a case in which it is desired to detect a sidewall collapse in the container, under a defined amount of vacuum.

Improving Quality and Protecting Brands

Air Logic Power Systems uses state-of-the art leak detection equipment and testing methods to help our customers assure the highest quality.  On-line leak testing of plastic containers is a widely accepted industry practice to protect brands of both the container manufacturer and end user.

Leak testing provides a “functional test” to ensure that the container will hold pressure and will not leak product.  In addition, leak testing verifies that the product integrity will not be affected by container defects allowing oxygen, moisture or foreign material to leak in.

Benefits of On-Line Leak Testing

On-line leak testing of plastic containers support major market trends including Zero Defects, Light-Weighting, increased Recycled Material Content, and the introduction of New Container Types and Processes.

Leak testing monitors the container production process and provides an early warning of major issues before containers are packaged, warehoused and shipped to the customer.  Leak testing protects the process from random issues that cannot be detected through a sampling process.

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