Linear Leak Testers

Linear leak testers are ‘in-line” defense systems that are used for non-destructive empty container leak testing. Linear leak testers can be used to leak test a wide range of container shapes and sizes, including: water bottles, gallon sized jugs, and other plastic containers.

Available as single or multi-head test stations, these solutions are configured to test bottles “in-line” on a bottle conveyor system, as opposed to Rotary Leak Testers which operate as a rotary turntable. As containers move along a bottle conveyor system, a stationary or moving test head uses either vacuum decay or pressure decay to leak test each bottle.

These flexible leak detection solutions are ideal in a range of industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical. When tailored to the application, linear leak testers typically offer flexibility and a lower-cost approach for leak testing plastic bottles.

ALPS Inspection’s Linear Leak Testers for In-Line Bottle Conveyor Systems

Our linear leak testers are designed to integrate into your existing bottle conveyor system seamlessly. Available in tabletop or floor styles to fit your manufacturing setup, ALPS Inspection’s leak inspection equipment also features a state-of-the-art control system with a color touch screen and fully guided setup to teach a complete setup to a novice operator.

Tailored Solutions for Bottle and Container Leak Testing

ALPS offers a full range of linear leak tester machines for non-destructive leak testing applications, including standard platforms and customized equipment. Customers across a range of industries use our systems for leak testing PET bottles and other containers ranging from small vials to gallon-sized jugs.

Read below to learn which system is ideal for you.