Linear Leak Testers

Linear leak testers include single or multiple test stations used to test empty containers such as water bottles, gallon jugs, and other plastic containers for leaks. They are configured to test bottles “in-line” on a bottle conveyor system, as opposed to Rotary Leak Testers that test bottles on a rotary turntable. As the containers move along the bottle conveyor system, a stationary or moving test head uses either vacuum decay or pressure decay leak testing methods to check individual bottles for leaks. Any defective bottles are automatically removed from the production line.

Due to our continued focus on the plastic container market, ALPS offers a full suite of linear leak testers to suit the widest variety of applications. Our technologies are used by a range of industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical. When suited to the application, linear leak testers typically offer a more flexible and lower cost approach to leak testing plastic bottles.

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Linear Leak Tester Machines for In-Line Bottle Conveyor Systems

Since its founding in 1974, ALPS has been building leak testing machines for a broad range of applications. Our linear leak testers use a state-of-the-art control system featuring a Color Touch Screen and Fully Guided Setup to teach a complete setup to a novice operator. Selection of the correct leak test machine depends on the container handling characteristics plus speed and leak test sensitivity requirements.

ALPS offers a full range of linear leak tester machines including the following standard platforms:
    • Multi-Station Moving Head Leak Test Machine: Designed for use with empty plastic containers, the ALPS Speed-Glider is a multiple-station continuous-motion linear leak tester. This machine can be installed easily onto tabletop bottle conveyor systems and is designed for inspection speeds up to 500 Containers-Per-Minute. The Speed-Glider uses positive bottle handling to position containers for the leak test and offers a compact and flexible system to achieve high inspection speeds. Available in four-station and two-station options.
    • Indexing Conveyor Leak Test Machine: The ALPS SC Linear indexing conveyor leak tester offers an impressive array of capabilities and is ideal for use as a general purpose empty container leak tester machine. This leak tester machine offers extremely high-speed testing on a simple single-station platform and integrates easily into your existing bottle conveyor system. It accommodates sizes ranging from small pharmaceutical bottles to 5-gallon jugs and provides inspection speeds up to 200 Containers-Per-Minute for small bottles, and 30 Containers-Per-Minute for large bottles.
    • Low-Cost Single Head Leak Tester: The ALPS LC Linear Single Head Leak Tester is a low-cost single station leak tester machine intended for 100% leak inspection of empty plastic containers. This linear leak tester provides a scalable solution for growing operations, allowing you to easily double or triple capacity. Inspection speeds typically range between 1 to 25 Bottles-Per-Minute (60 to 1500 BPH), depending upon the container size and testing requirements.
    • Linear Indexing Conveyor Leak Tester Machine: The SC XL Linear was designed specifically for large containers such as 5-gallon water bottles, jerry cans and containers for edible oils. With a range of state-of-the-art features, the SC XL leak tester is the best choice for manufacturers who use oversize containers. Maximum speeds for this leak tester machine range from 20 to 50 Containers-Per-Minute for standard 1-gallon or 5-gallon containers.
    • Moving Head Leak Test Machine: The ALPS RS-S Linear moving head leak detector is the result of our commitment to innovation. A continuous motion machine, it follows and tests bottles on existing conveyor systems. It was designed to make testing easy for extremely hard-to-handle containers and has an inspection speed range of 10 to 160 Containers-Per-Minute, depending on container size. Available in floor standing or conveyor mount configurations
    • Bottle Stop Leak Test Machine: The ALPS Model SX Linear bottle leak detector is the result of our commitment to innovation. A continuous motion leak tester machine, it follows and tests bottles on existing conveyor systems. It was designed to make testing easy for extremely hard-to-handle containers. Typical inspection speeds range from 10 to 50 Bottles-Per-Minute, depending on container size. Available in models with standard controls or reverse controls
    • Multi-Station Moving Head Leak Test Machine: The ALPS Flex Pitch is a fast, tool-less, multi-moving head leak tester with the flexibility to test a wide range of empty containers. The innovative new design maximizes flexibility as test heads can be pre-set to the required pitch, enabling fast change over between containers of varying diameters, making it suitable for difficult to handle container shapes. This leak tester can achieve inspection speeds up to 250 Bottles-Per-Minute, depending on container size.

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