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ALPS Inspection
non-destructive leak testers for empty plastic containers. 

Ensure product quality and increase efficiencies in your production process with leak detection equipment.

Leak Testing Applications

ALPS Solutions

There  are a number of speed traps in your production process that ALPS Inspection systems can solve.

  • Better line integration for different machines on the same line working together
  • Prevention of downstream issues, unanticipated bottle jams can stall production
  • Faster changeovers to gain a competitive edge and manufacture various bottle types and sizes with confidence
  •  Valuable floor space savings


Create adaptive inspection solutions for evolving product designs and processes that support sustainability, reduce waste, and enhance the consumer experience.

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Our Leak Testing Products Assist in Quality Control for Plastic Bottles

Industries such as food and beverage, automotive, nutraceutical, and personal care all use leak detection systems to test product containers for leaks and other defects. This critical step in the manufacturing process helps identify issues that lead to product leaking or contamination before they get to the consumer. ALPS systems help you protect your brands – and your customers – by ensuring package integrity.

We were founded in 1974 and to date, have delivered more than 3,000 machines responsible for testing over 50 billion containers annually. Our leak testing equipment ranges from manual testing equipment for lab and sampling applications to high-speed rotary leak testing systems. Contact us to learn how we can solve your product leak testing challenges.

Leak Detection Systems for Empty Plastic Containers

Choose the system that best fits your application. Whether you want inspection to take place on empty bottles for high-speed testing or a linear single station for slower speeds, we have you covered.

Plastic containers are manufactured in high volume to keep up with demands. It’s inevitable that some containers will have defects that will cause leaks once the bottles are filled and shipped. Inline leak testing equipment tests plastic bottles as they move through the production line and automatically reject those with defects. Identify issues before bottles make it further down the production line, minimizing the potential of recalls associated with bottle quality.


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Empty Container Leak Inspection: 5 More FAQs, Answered!

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PET Bottles Testing

We are the global leader in the leak testing of PET bottles.

Pressure decay leak testing PET bottles
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