Vacuum Decay Leak Testing Method

Filled plastic containers Vacuum Decay Method (VDM) is a non-destructive Container Closure Integrity (CCI) method for sealed packages. The vacuum decay test detects leaks in nonporous, rigid or flexible packages. Manufacturers of packages for the food, beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical industries use the vacuum decay sealed packaging method to test packages after they have been filled to ensure product integrity.

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How is a Vacuum Decay Test Accomplished?

The Vacuum Decay leak testing method is a nondestructive test that detects leaks in nonporous, rigid or flexible packages. The test begins when a sample is placed in a closely fitting evacuation test chamber, which is equipped with an external vacuum source. The test chamber and test system dead space are then evacuated for a predetermined period, with the predetermined targeted vacuum level chosen for the test is predetermined based on the test sample type under evaluation. Any rise in vacuum decay is then monitored for a predetermined length of time using absolute and/or differential pressure transducers. A pressure increase that exceeds a predetermined pass/fail limit established using negative controls indicates container leakage.

Most tests can be performed rather quickly, with highly accurate results, but the larger the part, the longer the cycle time that is required to achieve an accurate test result.

Vacuum Decay Test Advantages

The vacuum decay leak testing method can provide numerous benefits that can provide quality assurance for sealed packages. Some of the biggest advantages include:

  • Determines a leak rate based on pressure or vacuum
  • Can calibrate to a volumetric flow
  • Sensitive enough to detect very small leaks
  • Can test in pressure or vacuum environments
  • Can report pressure or flow loss (psig or scc/min)
  • Provides a simple and highly effective leak test method