Laser Code Holes

A laser code hole occurs when the laser used to label or mark containers for tracking and traceability burns a hole through the plastic. 

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Plastic Material Types at Risk of Laser Code Holes

Laser code holes can occur on any plastic material placed on a line using a coding laser. 

Common Causes of Laser Code Holes

There are many reasons why a laser code hole may form, including the following:

  • Misadjustment or misalignment of laser
  • Improper speed tracking
  • Uneven and thin areas on the plastic surface 

General Troubleshooting

If a laser code hole is detected, the first step is to check your conveyor speed and alignment. If your containers are dragging through the conveyor, this may result in the laser repeatedly firing in the same spot, eventually causing a hole. If this does not solve the issue, lowering the power of the laser or making adjustments to your blow molding process to ensure container quality may help. 

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