BenchPlus™ Leak Testing System

The BenchPlus™ Manual Leak Testing System is a compact, general-purpose, and budget-friendly solution for empty container leak testing. Ideal for off-line, supplemental sampling, new container development, and select slow production processes, BenchPlus is the go-to benchtop leak tester for precise testing and in-depth data reporting.

The compact design of BenchPlus makes it easy to incorporate into your operations, whether you want to test a new design before scaling to full production or confirm the calibration of your in-line inspection system by performing random sampling without downtime.


Simple, Effective Empty Container Leak Testing

Leak testing has never been easier with BenchPlus. Simply load an empty container and press a button. Change between different containers effortlessly – no tools needed for height adjustment or locator positioning. And we’ve got you covered with spin-off probe assemblies, speedy recipe loading, and more.

ALPS Inspection BenchPlus is a single-head manual leak testing system that allows for maximum speeds of up to 20 bottles per minute (BPM) and can accommodate a container size range of 1 oz to 5 gal. Because BenchPlus is manually loaded, speed is dependent upon operator speed and test time.

Key applications for BenchPlus include:

  • Lab Testing — Get fast leak test results in a footprint that easily fits your bench.
  • R&D for New Container Designs — Get instant insights to enhance innovation efforts.
  • Random Sampling — Improve quality control without disrupting production.
  • Select, slow applications — Confirm container integrity manually at the speed of your line.


BenchPlus is the perfect supplementary off-line leak tester for manufacturers involved in blow molding and rigid container production. Ideal for simple random sampling of empty plastic containers.


BenchPlus Leak Tester

This off-line leak tester is designed for simple and effective product testing to redefine optimal production performance and quality assurance. 

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Unlock Powerful Insights With BenchPlus

Whether testing a new container design or material for feasibility or performing random off-line sampling tests to ensure overall quality assurance, BenchPlus gives the insight needed to enhance any blow molding manufacturing line.

BenchPlus makes it easy to obtain valuable findings at multiple points in your operations, from the design lab to the production floor. This benchtop leak tester delivers immediate results and can send test findings from the lab or production floor to your Quality team or wherever it can impact your operations most.

What can you do with the data BenchPlus provides?

  • Observe whether your new design is feasible before scaling up. 
  • Refine your in-line inspection system and get closer to 100% quality from your line. 
  • Inform your entire operation with discoveries that minimize issues and drive improvement. 

BenchPlus gets you the data you need to feel confident your operations are running at optimal performance and you’re delivering the highest quality container to your customers.

Features of ALPS BenchPlus Leak Tester

BenchPlus is a budget-friendly leak testing solution with a variety of features and benefits, such as:

  • Compact and portable design 
  • User-friendly, manual operation (load the container, press the button)
  • Intuitive HMI with advanced software 
  • Effortless container changeover
  • Ability to conduct quick feasibility tests and random off-line sampling
  • Flexibility to test a range of container sizes
  • Recipe-based setup and storage 
  • Automated ‘self-test’ function for reliable machine validation
  • Immediate results off-line, minimizing production downtime

BenchPlus Leak Testing Applications

Common applications for ALPS BenchPlus leak tester include the following blow molding processes: Injection Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) or Reheat Stretch Blow Molded (RSBM) PET containers, Injection Blow Molded (IBM) pharma bottles, and Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM) bottles.

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