FlexPitch® Multi-Head Container Leak Testing System

The FlexPitch leak testing system provides the flexibility and efficiency that your higher-speed applications need. Independent multiple moving head leak testers offer 100% inspection for leaks and top seal surface defects, over your existing conveyor system, at speeds up to 250 bottles per minute, BPM, depending on bottle size.

Standard Frame Size

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Extra Large Frame Size


Test Heads

Flex Pitch Conveyor




The FlexPitch is a fast, tool-less, multi-moving head leak tester. The system operates without a timing screw reducing the cost for additional tools and the time it takes to perform a changeover.

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Multi-Moving Head Leak Detection Equipment only from ALPS Inspection

The FlexPitch is a fast, tool-less, multi-moving head leak tester with the flexibility to test a wide range of empty containers. The machine operates without a timing screw, which significantly reduces the cost for tools, as well as, the time it takes to perform a changeover. This results in a reduced cost to run additional container types.

The innovative design maximizes flexibility as test heads can be pre-set to the required pitch enabling fast changeover between containers of varying diameters. It is particularly suitable for difficult to handle container shapes including:

  • Shingling bottles
  • Reverse taper
  • Extremely tall/thin bottles
  • Small bottles
  • Bottles that do not nest effectively


Features of the FlexPitch include:

  • The option of 2, 3, or 4 test heads for container sizes up to 350 oz STD FLEXPITCH HEADS
  • No line modification mounts over your existing conveyor
  • No bottle transfers required to and from separate leak tester conveyor(s) 
  • Full-color touch screen operation
  • 24-hour service support

Simple Vision Option

Gain simple vision capabilities for specific defects with ALPS Inspection’s new Vision Option. 

Equipped with a single Omron camera and integrated lighting (with an optional 2-camera system for dual-neck containers), the simple Vision Option identifies issues including:

  • Choked necks
  • Finish ovality 
  • Internal/external diameter variations 

The leak tester seamlessly manages the container tracking. With a camera mounted at its infeed, the leak tester performs the following sequence:

  • Capturing and receiving the result from Vision Option 
  • Leak testing passed containers 
  • Rejecting any failed containers
  • Tracking rejected container counts via HMI

The Omron controls are integrated into the FlexPitch leak testing system, so there’s no additional footprint.

An easy-to-use Vision Option eliminates the need for a costly, complex vision inspection system when you are only struggling with one or two defects. With an adjustable camera mount for easy changeover and industrial PC connected to a 15” HMI to handle vision processing, the Vision Option offers quick results for simple applications. 

Interested in the Vision Option but not for FlexPitch? Contact us about platform availability.

FlexPitch Leak Testing Applications

Common applications for empty container inspection using the FlexPitch multi-head moving head leak tester include:


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