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Leak testing equipment

Industries such as food and beverage, automotive, nutraceutical, and personal care all use leak detection systems to test product containers for leaks and other defects. This critical step in the manufacturing process helps identify issues that lead to product leaking or contamination before they get to the consumer. ALPS systems help you protect your brands – and your customers – by ensuring package integrity.   

ALPS was founded in 1974 and to date has delivered more than 3,000 machines responsible for testing over 50 billion containers annually. Our leak inspection equipment ranges from manual testing equipment for lab and sampling applications to high-speed rotary leak testing systems.   Contact us to learn how we can solve your product leak testing challenges.


Leak Detection Systems for Product Container Testing

Nondestructive leak testing equipment provides effective and reliable testing without causing damage to packaging. Our leak detection systems are used by customers from various industries and are compatible with containers in a wide range of sizes. Learn more about our equipment and testing capabilities below or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Leak Detection Systems for Empty Plastic Containers  

Choose the system that best fits your application. Whether you need a rotary leak tester for high-speed testing to a linear single station for slower speeds, ALPS has you covered.

Products Tested Using Leak Detection Equipment

ALPS, along with Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha, offer a broad range of high performance, highly accurate leak detectors for various types of metal, plastic, and composite packages, as well as blister packs and aerosol containers. 

Inspection Methods for Leak Testing Systems

Pressure decay leak testing and vacuum decay leak testing are two standard methods used in manufacturing. Our pressure decay leak testing equipment is ideal for testing empty containers and uses a combination of pressure and sensors to detect leaks. Vacuum testing is primarily used to test filled or sealed containers and involves placing the containers in a sealed chamber that uses vacuum pressure to detect leaks.

In addition to standard testing, our leak detection equipment can be used for auxiliary inspections including bottle height, vision inspection, seal surface inspections and much more.

Learn More About Leak Testing Solutions from Air Logic Power Systems

We have over 40 years of experience providing reliable leak testing equipment to companies across various industries. Request a quote for the leak testing equipment today or contact Air Logic Power Systems to learn more about our products and services.



ALPS will be launching its newest addition to the product portfolio, the ALPS CheckMate Filled Container tester, at Pack Expo Chicago, booth S-1548 from October 14 – 17, 2018. The ALPS CheckMate is a powerful yet small, multifunctional test instrument that can be used in the lab or beside the line to conduct sample testing.  It is a non-destructive leak test system that can be used in combination with interchangeable test chambers to test a variety of rigid containers and flexible packages as well as devices.

This new device can be utilized to conduct multiple tests to ensure package integrity of all types of containers including Filled bottles, pouches, bags, bottles, trays, devices and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The ALPS Checkmate uses a series of selectable non-destructive test methods including vacuum decay, pressure decay and a vacuum flexible membrane, providing the flexibility to test different containers in variable sizes for defect types including cracks, channel leaks, gross holes as well as pinholes down to 5µm.

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Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) has extended its range of Total Bottle Inspection Solutions and can now offer Leak Testing and Visual Inspection methods in one integrated compact solution across Single Head LinearMultiple Head Linear and Rotary Leak Testers. ALPS will present its latest solutions on booth S-1548 at Pack Expo from October 14 – 17, providing a range of quality control checks including Leak Detection, Visual Inspection, Opacity Check, Contamination, Cosmetic Defects and other material issues. 
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Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) has joined forces with Swiss company IMD Ltd. to provide the blow molding industry with the first Total Bottle Inspection Solution. ALPS, the recognized leader of innovative high-speed leak testing equipment has combined its leak testing technologies with IMD’s state of the art IMDvista Vision Inspection Systems.
By integrating both leak testing and visual inspection methods into one machine, the new Total Bottle Inspection Solution provides a range of quality-control checks, including the detection of leaks, contamination, cosmetic defects, measurement, ovality or other material issues. The combined, linear system can be integrated directly into the production line and enables containers that pass the set criteria to continue down the conveyor, while defective bottles will be rejected into a separate chute.
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ALPS Participates in Succesful ABC2017 Plastics Conference in Chicago 

ALPS joined the 33rd Annual Blow Molding Conference in Chicago from October 2nd - 4th October. Organised by the Blow Molding Division of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), the event featured presentations on industry hot topics, panel discussions and advancements in blow molding processes and technology. 

ALPS presented a range of empty bottle leak testing solutions, including the latest development the ALPS Flex Pitch. The ALPS Flex Pitch is a fast, tool-less, multi-moving head leak tester with the flexibility to test a wide range of empty containers. The machine operates without a timing screw, reducing cost for tools and changeover time radically.

Mike Lawson, Director of Sales for North & South America adds: ‘SPE is the leading technical society for the global plastics industry and the Annual Blow Moulding Conference is the place to be to discuss the latest developments in technology, equipment and techniques in blow molding. Being the industry leader in leak testing for blow molded plastic bottles, our solutions are offered as an integral part of quality control for any plastic bottle manufacturer. The innovative design of the ALPS Flex Pitch that features flexible test heads that can be pre-set to the required pitch for bottles of any shape or size, is testament to our continued investment and innovation in support of the industry’.

For more information on the ALPS Flex Pitch or any other empty plastic bottle leak testers, contact us on (414) 671 3332 or email info@alpsleak.com.



Packaging Leak Detection & Inspection Solutions at Pack Expo Las Vegas


TasiTest, leading specialist of packaging leak detection solutions, will showcase its latest product developments at Pack Expo Las Vegas, booth #209 in the North Hall (Healthcare Packaging Expo) of the Las Vegas Convention Center from 25 - 27 September 2017.

This will be the perfect platform for ALPS, Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha to demonstrate its range of packaging leak detection and inspection solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Metal Can & Aerosol, Offline and Plastic markets.

Main highlight of the TasiTest booth will be the ALPS Flex Pitch, a fast, tool-less, multi-moving head leak tester with the flexibility to test a wide range of empty plastic containers. The ALPS Flex Pitch represents a new revolution in leak testing. The innovative new design maximizes flexibility as test heads can be pre-set to the required pitch, enabling fast change over between containers of varying diameters and making it particularly suitable for difficult to handle container shapes.

Register for free today by clicking on bit.ly/PackExpoLV17 using code 43D42

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 ALPS Machines Leak Test over 25 BILLION PET bottles every year.

Low Cost Single Head Leak Tester

Find out why companies trust ALPS' machines to detect leaks for billions of PET bottles every year, saving them from costly leaks and headaches.

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