Leak Testing Equipment

ALPS designs and manufactures leak testing equipment for the packaging industry.  Our leak inspection systems range from high speed rotary leak testers, to linear leak testers, 

to manual leak testers for lab or sampling applications.

ALPS has delivered more than 2,500 leak test machines and 10,000 leak test circuits with the current population of machines leak testing approximately 50 billion containers  annually.

Please review our web site for more information and Contact Us to discuss the leak test solutions that you need to ensure quality and to protect your business and your brand.


ALPS 40th Anniversary in 2014

  Air Logic Power Systems LLC,  known in the market as ALPS, was founded in 1974 and is
  celebrating our 40th anniversary this year.  It is also our 14th year as a TASI Group

  We would like to thank our customers and our team looks forward to providing leak
  testing solutions for many years to come!

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