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Rotary Leak Testers

Rotary leak tester

ALPS NexGen Rotary 30 station leak tester example


Rotary leak tester

NexGen Rotary functional diagram

ALPS’ industry-leading rotary leak testers provide the highest speed and greatest accuracy for on-line leak testing. Our rotary leak testers can be used for 100% on-line inspection to verify container integrity by testing empty containers and to verify seal integrity by testing filled containers.

Versatile Leak Inspection Equipment for All Applications

We offer a full line of rotary leak testers, making it easy to find the right system for your unique needs. Our NexGen family of leak test equipment includes: 

Like all ALPS leak inspection equipment, the NexGen family delivers fast and accurate results. They also provide exceptional versatility, with the ability to test everything from small beverage bottles produced at high speeds (such as sports drink and soda bottles) to 2-gallon or larger edible oil containers produced at slower speeds (like olive oil jugs). NexGen systems can even be used to leak test oil filters, one-liter motor oil bottles, and countless other containers in various shapes and sizes. 

From the beverage industry to food packaging to household, personal care, automotive, and industrial applications, ALPS has the rotary leak tester you need. Request a quote today or contact us to learn more.

High Speed, High Accuracy Leak Testing

Containers are continuously fed through the rotary leak tester, with the speed and test time determined by the number of leak test stations. We currently produce standard rotary testers with anywhere from 4 to 30 test stations and capable of test speeds up to 1,200 bottles per minute. 

The leak test time and test volume determine the sensitivity of the leak test, which is typically defined as an equivalent hole diameter. The rotary leak tester inspects containers as they travel around the turntable, using either pressure decay or vacuum decay leak testing methods. Bad containers are automatically ejected as they exit the machine.

Specialized rotary testers are available upon request to achieve higher speeds and/or greater leak test sensitivities, as your application requires. Contact ALPS to discuss your unique process specifications.

Request a quote for the rotary leak tester you need. Have questions about these or any of our products? Just ask!