SC Linear Indexing Conveyor Leak Testers


SC Linear Indexing Conveyor Leak Testers

SC Linear bottle leak detector

Color Touch Screen Interface with Icon Based Menus

The ALPS SC Linear indexing conveyor leak tester is an excellent general purpose empty bottle leak tester with a wide range of capabilities.  The leak tester conveyor can be fully integrated using special end plates, and can include optional vacuum capability. This bottle leak detector is designed for optimal handling to ensure the most accurate leak test possible as well as the highest speed capacity on a single test station. The SC Linear is a flexible, cost-effective solution for high speed, integrated leak testing.

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A Fast & Versatile Plastic Bottle Leak Detector

The SC Linear bottle leak tester machine’s speed and sensitivity capabilities depend on the container size and volume. It can accommodate containers in a wide variety of sizes, from small pharmaceutical bottles up to 5-gallon water jugs. Typical leak inspection speeds range from 10 to 30 Containers-Per-Minute (CPM) for larger containers (e.g. 4 to 5L), to 60 to 100 CPM for single-serve containers (e.g. 0.5L), and as high as 180 to 200 CPM for the very smallest pharmaceutical bottles (e.g. 20 to 40mL).

SC Linear leak testers utilize the latest state-of-the-art controls. These bottle leak testers feature a full color touch screen with an icon-based menu structure, graphical displays of the pressure and results, unlimited recipe storage, and “Guided Setup” software. Guided Setup includes step-by-step instructions to show a novice operator how to set up a brand new bottle—including all mechanical steps plus setup of the leak test and reject limits—by simply running containers through the system.

Indexing conveyor leak tester

SC Linear leak tester controls featuring Fully Guided Setup
(to teach a novice operator a complete mechanical and leak test setup, step-by-step)

Our standard SC Linear bottle leak detector tester uses a 4.5” (114mm) wide and 3.5’ (1067mm) long conveyor, with conveyor rails adjustable up to 8” (203mm).  Custom leak tester conveyor lengths and widths are possible to suit different container size and line layout requirements. Contact us with your custom conveyor specifications.

High Speed, Fully-Automated Bottle Leak Testing

The bottle leak detector conveyor runs continuously between tests. When the test photo-eye senses the presence of a container, the conveyor is immediately stopped, a probe extends to form a leak tight seal, and the container is tested for leakage using pressure decay testing.

If the container is bad, it is ejected from the bottle leak tester machine immediately after the test, and the conveyor restarts. If the container is good, the bottle leak detector conveyor restarts automatically when the test is complete.

Bottle Leak Tester Applications

Common applications for the SC Linear bottle leak detector include the following blow molding processes:

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