Leak Detectors for A Range of Packages & Products

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Leak testing systems for production are vital for preventing product waste as well as potential contamination of the packaged product. For all of your product and packaging applications, there is an industrial packaging leak detector that meets your needs.

ALPS and our partner companies within the TASI Group, Bonfiglioli Engineering, and Sepha, offer a wide range of high performance, highly accurate leak detectors for numerous container and packaging types. We design and manufacture package integrity equipment for empty plastic containers, glass vials and ampoules, metal cans, filled pouches, blister packages, and more.

Some of the most common applications for our leak detectors include:

Types of Packaging Leak Inspection Equipment

Depending on the industry, there are a variety of product and package inspection leak detectors to meet your specific needs. Each leak testing system offers different advantages and price ranges. Air Logic Power Systems provides:

Pressure Decay Testing

This packaging leak inspection system is the most popular testing method for empty bottle and container inspection, but can also be used for seal integrity. By measuring the change in pressure between atmospheric pressure and the pressure of the product being tested, the pressure decay tester collects data to determine if there is a leak.

This testing method provides quantitative data that is simple and reliable to interpret.

Vacuum Decay Testing

This method is similar to pressure decay testing, but a vacuum is created within the packaging, and then the pressure is compared to the atmospheric pressure and any changes are recorded. If there is a change in pressure, this indicates that there is a leak.

This method is used frequently in product and package inspection for industries like food, beverage, and pharmaceutical that need to test packages that have already been filled.

Choosing Packing Leak Test Inspection Systems for Your Application

When choosing leak inspection solutions for packaging, there are a few things to consider based on your application. The biggest consideration is what kind of product or packaging you’re inspecting and what the leak test conditions will be. Vacuum decay testing is primarily used for testing filled or sealed containers, while pressure decay testing is the ideal method for testing empty containers.

Industrial Packaging Leak Detection Manufacturers

With state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs, ALPS leak test equipment is preferred by manufacturers and packaging companies around the world. Our leak detectors are used to inspect billions of containers of all shapes and sizes every year. Our partner companies offer their own high-quality leak test equipment for various applications.

Bonfiglioli Engineering produces leak detectors for pharmaceutical packaging, filled containers, metal cans, and aerosol containers. They offer systems across a variety of testing methods—vacuum decay, pressure decay, etc.—and in numerous configurations, making it easy to find the right leak tester for your application.

Sepha offers a range of tool-less, non-destructive leak test equipment specially designed for pharmaceutical blister packs. Their vision testing systems provide a flexible, reliable, objective, and cost-saving alternative to other leak testing devices. Sepha leak detectors are ideal for R&D and laboratory work, QA testing of packaging processes, and production packaging.

Contact ALPS for Leak Testing Systems for Production

We provide reliable, efficient leak testing equipment for a range of packages and products, whether you’re testing empty plastic containers, filled pouches, or another package type. Send ALPS a request for a quote detailing your package inspection requirements, or Ask Us a Question to learn more about our leak test equipment.