Flex Pitch Multi Station Moving Head Leak Tester

Flex Pitch Multi Station Moving Head Leak Tester

Flex Pitch

Flex Pitch Multi Station Moving Head Leak Tester
Flex Pitch Multi Station Moving Head Leak Tester

The ALPS Flex Pitch is a fast, tool-less, multi-moving head leak tester with the flexibility to test a wide range of empty containers. The machine operates without a timing screw, reducing cost for tools and changeover time radically. The innovative new design maximizes flexibility as test heads can be pre-set to the required pitch enabling fast changeover between containers of varying diameters. Its particularly suitable for difficult to handle container shapes including shingling bottles, reverse taper, extremely tall/thin bottles, small bottles and bottles that do not nest effectively.

The machine is available with 2, 3 or 4 independent moving heads that offer 100% inspection for leaks and top seal surface defects over an existing customer conveyor system at speeds upt to 250BPM

Flex Pitch Summary Screen 

Summary Screen

Flex Pitch Close Up

Flex Pitch Close Up

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-moving head, high speed leak tester that detects defects in wide range of bottle types
  • Flexbile heads can be set to specific pitch requirements for each container
  • Operates without timing screw
  • Fast and tool-less changeover, height adjustment and recipe change only
  • 2, 3 or 4 test heads optional for container sizes up to 350oz
  • No line modification, mounts over existing conveyor
  • Speeds up to 250 BPM*
  • Ideal for more difficult containers including shingling reverse-taper and small bottles
  • No bottle transfers required to and from separate leak tester conveyor
  • Full colour touch screen operation
  • 24-hour service support
*Dependent on bottle size

Machine Operation

Step 1: Container Tracking

Containers entering the machine are detected and tracked throughout the test cycle utilizing state of the art electronics to monitor line speed

Step 2: Testing

  • Container is positioned under the corresponding test head
  • Test probe seals the top of the container and tracks the part as it is tested by a low-pressure test
  • The probe is retracted once the test is completed

Stage 3: Results

  • Containers passing the leak test criteria continue down the conveyor
  • Containers falling the leak test are rejected at the end of the machine and confirmed in the reject chute with a photo eye. This ensures that only quality containers are sent to your customers

Contact ALPS

If the ALPS Flex Pitch leak test system looks like a good fit for your needs, request a quote for more information. Please confirm your product details and bottle testing requirements.


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