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Strategies to Increase Production Speed (Without Jeopardizing Quality)

October 15, 2020

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to speed up the production of their products to maximize their profits. But doing so can be risky, and there is always the chance that changes in production could affect the quality of the end product. How can you speed up your production process without jeopardizing quality?


Increase production speed

The Pros & Cons of Trying Different Production Process Strategies

Wondering if trying a different or new production process strategy is right for you? Here are a few of the pros and cons of trying out new production process strategies.


  • Speed up overall production and throughput
  • Increase profitability
  • Quicker changeovers to serve clients more efficiently


  • Could affect product quality & damage reputation
  • Untested or risky strategies can be very costly for your business if they don’t work out
  • May require extensive retraining of your employees

Trying out a new production process can be beneficial, but only if you take time to think things through and avoid risky process changes.

Risky Strategies to Improve Your Production Process & Speed

The following are a few strategies that may work for some companies but are risky and may not be beneficial unless you’re properly prepared.

  • Speeding up machines – Faster machines mean higher throughput, but this could put your quality at risk, especially if you do not have leak detection equipment to detect issues with your products. Remember, everything is designed to keep up with your molder, so in some cases, speeding up machines may not even be beneficial.
  • Tweaking resin formulations – You may be able to improve profits and/or production speed by experimenting with new resin formulations (such as using different types of rPET or PCR resin). However, this can put product quality at risk. As a result, it could potentially jeopardize client relationships.
  • Lightweighting – You may be able to increase efficiency by reducing the resin volume used per bottle or container. But again, this could cause potential issues with leaks, so make sure your leak detection equipment can keep up with your molder.
  • Not using leak detection equipment – There are those who believe that leak detection is just an added expense that slows production down. However, leak detection equipment from a company like ALPS is essential for ensuring product quality and protecting your inventory, particularly when trying new methods to speed up production.

While these strategies may work, they’re only a good option if you take steps to minimize risks. Let’s discuss these methods now.

How Can I Improve Production Processes Without Jeopardizing Speed or Quality?

The best way you can keep your business thriving and innovate without fear of product quality issues is by minimizing risks during production. Leak detection equipment from ALPS helps in a variety of ways.

  • ALPS leak detection equipment keeps up with blow molders, ensuring that leak detection does not impair the speed of your production process.
  • You can ensure consistent product quality regardless of the resin formulation. Even when using sustainable packaging made with rPET or PCR plastic, this benefit can be leveraged to enhance relationships with both current and new customers. 
  • Advanced ALPS testing equipment minimizes both false positives and negatives, which speeds up production and reduces wasted QC/QA time.
  • ALPS leak detection equipment is built for streamlined line integration. Which results in reduced changeover time. Take a look at our blog about fast, automated changeovers and “tool-less changeovers” to learn more.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your production speed and maximize profits, it’s essential to make sure that product quality doesn’t suffer. Minimize your risk when innovating and ensure you have the right leak detection equipment from ALPS Inspection.

Contact ALPS Inspection Now and Start Innovating at Your Plant or Factory!

Ready to start experimenting with new strategies to speed up your production processes? Make sure you’ve got all of the tools and equipment you need to check for leaks. Contact ALPS Inspection or give us a call at 1 (800) 325-8717 to get started.

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