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The Importance of Container Handling

June 9, 2021

There is more to leak detection than finding the hole.

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Containers are in a constant state of motion as they travel from blow molder to packer. Container handling is an important consideration when selecting a leak detector because it can affect the efficiency of the entire line and the accuracy and reliability of inspection results — two factors that directly impact your bottom line. Unfortunately, the way containers are handled is often overlooked. What role do container shape, vacuum, guide rails, and speed play in creating stability at the time of leak test?


Container handling is usually not a problem until it becomes a problem. But overlooking container handling when integrating leak inspection into your production line can result in issues later. Stability is key in optimizing the flow of containers along your line, and to obtaining accurate leak test results. Unstable containers can cause line jams that interrupt the flow, and if an unstable container is not fully seated in a test head, you might see false rejects, waste, and unplanned downtime.            

What sets ALPS Inspection apart from other leak inspection equipment suppliers is our holistic approach to the container’s journey. We really are handling experts – all types of containers, from low to high speeds – and we understand how important stable conveyance is to achieving high efficiency and ensuring high quality.

In high-speed applications, handling mechanisms provide control of the containers as they move through the machine and test cycle. Vacuum-assisted conveyors, upstream sensors, guide rails, and moving test heads can keep your containers stable and moving efficiently through your line. Custom-designed timing screws, bottle jogs, and other mechanisms that match each container’s design allow for fewer jams, smoother flow, and more time in the test cycle, enabling greater test sensitivity and accuracy.

During a line changeover, time spent changing or adjusting the leak tester handling parts is time the line is not running. Setup errors can waste time at startup and lead to problems later. ALPS Inspection equipment helps avoid errors before they occur by providing both automatic changeovers and tool-less mechanisms that make changeovers faster and more repeatable. Handling fixtures, scales, and counters are optional features that facilitate changeover and reduce the potential for misalignment and help get the line into production more quickly.

Don’t let container handling keep you from optimizing your operations. The ALPS team has the experience, knowledge, and desire to collaborate with you from the beginning, and will take the time to understand the layout and specifications of your operations in order to design a leak inspection solution that adds to the efficiency and quality assurance of your production. Contact ALPS Inspection to find out more about our container handling options and how they can help you optimize your operations.

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