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5 Facts You May Not Know About ALPS Equipment Service and Support

May 18, 2022

Not all leak testing equipment manufacturers are created equal.

From initial discussion to machine manufacturing, customer service to troubleshooting support, you should consider several key factors when identifying the right leak testing machine and manufacturer for your production line.

What should you expect from a leak testing partner? Our short video explains some of the key details:

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1. OEM Service and Support Improves Performance and Reduces Downtime

You can ensure optimal performance when leak testing equipment is serviced routinely by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Why? Because the service team brings technical and engineering knowledge that only the OEM could know. When downtime affects production and profitability, prompt and efficient service support is the only option!

Learn more about the 6 Time and Cost-Saving Benefits of Having Your Leak Testing Equipment OEM Complete Maintenance in our blog.

2. Customers Can Build a Spare Parts Program

Downtime from not having the right part is painful and can hurt production capabilities and impact your business operations. Having a leak inspection partner who understands the urgency of your situation with rapid response is vital.

When you work with ALPS, we can help your organization build a spare parts program, which is a great way to keep the right parts on hand for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Dependable and responsive spare parts service is critical to your success and is one of the key elements of a strong leak testing equipment partner.

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3. Maintenance and Upgrades Enhance Operations

As equipment matures, maintenance and updates become a critical service to improve efficiencies and enhance operation. ALPS Inspection is proud to offer both in-house and on-site maintenance and upgrades.

4. Access to Auditing and Training Support

ALPS Inspection is proud to offer ongoing auditing and training support services. Auditing your equipment and training personnel to operate and maintain your leak inspection equipment effectively can boost performance and reduce downtime. Plant audits are a great way to access an expert analysis and attain a detailed report from a highly-skilled technician to keep your machines running smoothly.

From changeovers to increased production demands, we can empower your team to maintain your equipment and seek support for productivity enhancements as needed.


Help your employees become on-site experts by registering for our ALPS Peak Service Training. This comprehensive, personalized training ensures your ALPS Inspection system is always running at its best by providing your employees with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to maintain and operate your equipment.

5. ALPS Inspection Offers 24/7 Support

At ALPS Inspection, we understand the critical nature of keeping production lines moving and are at the ready if any issues arise.

If you have an issue with your leak testing machine functionality after hours, ALPS Inspection offers 24/7 support on the Service Hotline: 1 (800) 325-8717. If you have a general question about your leak testing machine, contact our leak testing specialists on this Service Hotline during business hours from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CST.

Leak Testing Equipment You Can Count On

ALPS Inspection is committed to supporting customers with their equipment from initial consultation through the machine lifespan.

Customers have access to our dedicated service support team that offers training, spare parts and seals, retrofits, feasibility testing, discontinued items and more.

If you are an ALPS Inspection customer, you may also be interested in our additional resources:

Looking for more machine maintenance tips? Our “Leak Detection Equipment: Operation Checks + Maintenance Timeline” provides a valuable overview you can print and use as a quick reference.

ALPS inspection systems help you protect your package integrity by providing both the equipment and service you need quickly and reliably. We take the time to understand your production environment needs and goals in order to design, install, and maintain a leak detection solution that protects your customers and adds value to your operations.

Schedule an ALPS service call today to find out how we can help you achieve maximum efficiency and quality with minimal downtime.

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