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6 Time and Cost-Saving Benefits of Having Your Leak Testing Equipment OEM Complete Maintenance

December 21, 2021

leak testing PET bottles straight on_zoomed out Critically important industries like food and beverage, automotive, nutraceutical, and personal care all depend on precise bottling processes to quickly and safely get their products to customers all over the world. To ensure that this process remains reliable, many leading companies in these industries use leak detection systems to test product containers for defects.

But when leak testing equipment or leak testing controllers need maintenance, where should you turn?

Ensure top performance of your leak testing equipment by having the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) complete all service and support. An OEM service team has access to the same engineering knowledge used in the initial design of your equipment, and they bring that technical and engineering knowledge to your facility.

Review the six time-saving and cost-saving benefits of trusting your OEM to service and support below.

3 Time-Savings Benefits You Gain from Reliable OEM Service

If you have a failure in your leak detection equipment, many costly issues can result including downtime of your bottling line, or even long and complex product recalls. You can avoid these issues by having your equipment regularly serviced by our expert team. Even if you have an internal maintenance department, there are several critical time-saving benefits to partnering with your OEM for ongoing service:

1. We Know the Machines: Our Expertise Results in Efficient Repairs

ALPS OEM maintenance team knows our machines, and has experience in resolving common or anticipated issues. We won’t waste precious time as there is no learning curve: we know how to troubleshoot our machines, how to identify errors, and the fastest means to get your operation up and running.

2. We Know the Right Parts to Order: Three Ways We Can Help You

Ordering parts may seem straightforward, but there are many nuances that make calling for service from your OEM team worthwhile.

  • Terminology Knowledge: There can be confusion (and errors) when the same part is called by two different names. For example, your team might refer to a part as an eye, but our engineers refer to it as a sensor. With our specialized help, these errors can be eliminated, ensuring the right part is always ordered, saving you downtime and money.
  • Parts Knowledge: Our technicians have years of experience with our machines, and they know all parts well, eliminating ordering errors, time-wasting parts exchanges, and unnecessary repairs.
  • Programming Knowledge: Even if you are able to get the right part, many items need to be programmed, and our service technicians will be able to program it correctly, right away.

3. We Find the Right Solutions: When Machines and Parts Become Obsolete

What happens when you need a replacement part for your machine, and you discover that the needed part has become obsolete?

Not to worry. The ALPS engineering team likely knows about the issue, and has a plan for a new replacement part or device that will work with your machine.

If there is no direct replacement, ALPS Engineers can create the needed design modifications, or update the program to use the replacement part. We have an upgrade path for all current and most recent products to get your equipment back up and running.

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3 Cost-Saving Benefits from Investing in Expert Help

When you have your leak testing equipment manufacturer complete service on an ongoing basis, your company will enjoy numerous financial benefits. Here are three of the most valuable.

1. More Experience Leads to Less Downtime

When you choose to use ALPS for ongoing service support, you can be confident that repairs and upgrades are executed much quicker than any other provider. Why? Our service team has extensive knowledge of our own equipment, from engineering to installation and setup. In addition, they have experience working on our machines in real-world settings. Many issues are things that we have seen before, and know how to fix. There is no confusion or guesswork to slow down our repair processes, so your company can enjoy less machine downtime.

2. Greater Reliability and Efficiency with Part Changes

When replacement parts are needed for your machines, you can count on ALPS to meet your needs. The parts we deliver are designed and tested to support each machine design. ALPS stands behind the parts we supply so you can be assured that they will match the design, and can be installed quickly and efficiently by an experienced team.

3. Identifying Required Maintenance and Beneficial Upgrades

Your leak inspection equipment is a long-term investment that is critical to the operation of your company. To protect this investment, you need to make sure you are staying on top of any maintenance needs. Maintenance and upgrade needs can increase over the years, and these processes are critical to ensure your machines continue to operate efficiently and reliably.

To stay on top of the maintenance and upgrades that your equipment may need, it’s critical to get help from your manufacturer. Their expertise can offer you significant savings by preventing costly yet avoidable repairs, as well as sharing opportunities for audits and retrofits that can keep your current machines from becoming obsolete.

ALPS inspection systems help you protect your package integrity by providing both the equipment and service you need quickly and reliably. The entire ALPS Inspection Equipment team takes the time to understand your production environment needs and goals in order to design, install, and maintain a leak detection solution that protects your customers and adds value to your operations. Schedule an ALPS service call today to find out how we can help you achieve maximum efficiency and quality with minimal downtime.

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