SX Linear Bottle Stop Leak Testers

Alps SX linear Leak Tester

ALPS SX Linear leak tester, standard controls mount

Bottle stop leak detector

ALPS SX Linear leak tester, reverse controls mount

The ALPS Model SX Linear bottle leak detector is a "bottle stop" machine, designed to test over an existing continuous conveyor, at speeds typically ranging from 10 BPM up to 50 BPM on the smallest container sizes.

The SX Linear bottle leak detector offers a lower cost alternative to the RS Linear moving head bottle leak detector for production lines where conveyor transfers of containers are not preferred. The SX Linear bottle leak detector is also capable of testing angle neck bottles. Speed capacity is mainly related to the container size and stability. For efficient use of the SX Linear bottle leak detector, containers must be:

  1. Stable enough to be stopped and released effectively on-the-fly using cylinders
  2. Of a shape so that they will backlog effectively without becoming unstable
Bottle stop leak detector functional diagram

ALPS SX Linear leak tester functional diagram

The SX Linear bottle leak detector's test photo-eye detects container presence and initiates extension of a Stop Cylinder to position the container under a fixed test probe. The probe is extended onto the container to form a leak tight seal and perform a Pressure Decay leak test while the conveyor is running underneath. A Gate Cylinder, triggered by a photo-eye, stops the flow of containers into the test area while the leak test is being performed.

When the leak test is complete, the container is released from the bottle leak detector. If it was determined to be a bad container, a reject photo-eye detects its presence downstream of the test area and activates a Reject Cylinder.

Common applications for the SX Linear bottle leak detector include the following blow molding processes:

  • One Stage Injection-Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET containers
  • Larger size Injection-Blow Molded (IBM) containers e.g. pharma bottles
  • Intermittent Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM Shuttle) bottles

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