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My Leak Testing Machine Is Obsolete. Now What?

November 30, 2021

leak testing machine repairDowntime is the enemy of productivity, so keeping your leak testing equipment up and running is mission-critical. Planned downtime for service audits, preventive maintenance, and large changeovers are all part of the course of business and keeping your inspection equipment functioning optimally. But unplanned downtime due to a leak tester that needs repairs or upgrades is an emergency nobody wants to face. And there comes a time in the lifecycle of every machine when repairs or upgrades no longer make sense.

What happens when your leak testing machine is obsolete? Are there ways you can minimize unplanned downtime and smooth the transition to new equipment?

We believe that communication and planning are key to success. With our proven experience and creative, committed service, ALPS Inspection is here to support you by helping you plan for leak testing equipment obsolescence.

Repair, Upgrade, or Replace?

ALPS Inspection equipment is designed to provide many years of reliable service. PLCs and frequency drives can typically be replaced or upgraded by plant personnel, though sometimes a more complex controls upgrade is required, especially in the case of older machines. While we are careful to partner with trusted manufacturers that can provide materials well into the future and our service team is committed to providing upgrades whenever possible, controls and electrical components eventually become difficult or impossible to source and support. In these cases, equipment obsolescence is inevitable.

The inability to repair or properly maintain older equipment exposes you to extended downtime and unprotected inventory. In addition, older equipment may not offer newer technologies that are more sensitive and can provide greater protection and quality assurance. While there may be opportunities to retrofit some older leak testers, helping you extend the life of your equipment while incorporating newer technologies, failing to upgrade or replace equipment when it has reached the end of its lifecycle puts you at risk.

How Can Planning for Equipment Obsolescence Help My Business?

Proper planning and action are critical to maintaining production efficiency and quality. ALPS Inspection’s goal is to help you develop a plan that doesn’t simply replace obsolete equipment, but delivers greater flexibility. Incorporating planning for machine obsolescence into your regular strategic planning and budgeting processes allows for more options. If you have more than one machine facing obsolescence, we can customize a multi-year plan that lowers your risk and allows you to budget.

Because equipment obsolescence affects all segments of a manufacturing operation, from the plant floor to executive offices, communication and planning are critical to success. The ALPS Inspection team has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the planning process and will work to help you develop a plan that delivers the reassurance of protecting your inventory and reputation and sets you up for success — today and into the future.

A great first step is providing ALPS Inspection with a full picture of your current operations and goals for the future:

  • What inspection equipment do you have now?
  • What containers are you producing and at what speeds?
  • What would you like to produce in the future?

A partnership with ALPS Inspection can help you ensure complete quality in every container you produce. This quality assurance can be a competitive edge that demonstrates your commitment to current customers and positions you to gain new business in the future.

How Can Alps Inspection Help?

Keeping our customers online is the primary focus of ALPS Inspection. We will work with you to understand your current equipment and operations and determine the best equipment to achieve the right balance of test sensitivity, equipment durability, and flexibility for your operations — now and into the future. With the right mix of communication and planning, we can even provide an edge to help you gain new business.

Contact ALPS Inspection today to find out more about how we can help you manage leak tester obsolescence and plan for your future.

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