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ALPS Peak Service Training®

Empower.  Optimize.  Succeed.

Training Course For Optimal Operations

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Empower your team with service-based knowledge and expertise to ensure peak performance of your empty container inspection equipment. Guarantee quality with every product when you become a certified ALPS Peak Service Training® professional. This exclusive training at your plant provides your employees with a full range of ALPS Inspection machine knowledge.

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Why Register for ALPS Peak Service Training®?

You might be thinking, “What exactly is ALPS Peak Service Training and how is it different from your standard training?”

The standard training offers a high-level overview of multiple leak testers while our new Peak Training includes an in-depth and dedicated teaching on one leak tester. Peak offers advanced training, a 4-hour classroom session followed by a 4-hour demonstration per system in which your Maintenance and Operator teams will be equipped with wireless headsets (upon request) on the floor for improved communication.

Select Peak Training over standard training if your goal is to:

  • Become the on-site experts and minimize reactive calls to a Service Technician
  • Ensure your machine is detecting the correct hole size
  • Reduce downtime and maximize productivity
  • Troubleshoot common faults
  • Increase the lifetime of your system(s)
  • Empower current and new shift employees to properly run and maintain the leak tester
  • Prevent accidental manmade errors that disrupt your line
  • Protect you and your customers' brand reputation

What To Expect

  • Length is approximately 8 hours for a one-day session
  • The agenda consists of 4-hour classroom and 4-hour hands-on education
  • Training applies to both Operator and Maintenance employees
  • Register up to 10 employees per day (option to register for multiple days)
  • Wireless headsets will be provided for optimal group communication
  • Certification is valid for 3 years

ALPS Peak Service Training® Agenda

Classroom Training
Maintenance and Operations

  • ALPS Inspection History
  • Your Machine(s) Application
  • Container Leak Testing 101
  • Basic Controls

Hands-On Training
Morning: Maintenance and Operations

  • Operating Your Machine
  • Navigating the HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Controls Overview
  • Setup Issues and Changeovers
  • Maximizing Container Rates

Afternoon: Maintenance

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Common Production Issues

Support and empower your employees with ALPS on-site service training. Register today to become the on-site experts.*

*Must be an ALPS Inspection customer to receive service training. Fill out the form and a team member will contact you to schedule a training date and discuss pricing (dates may vary from your preferred date(s)).

Download a copy of the ALPS Peak Service Training® Brochure Here

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