NexGen Rotary Leak Testers for Extra Large Containers

The ALPS NexGen Rotary XLS leak tester is designed to inspect extra-large containers e.g. 5-gallon (20L) at speeds up to 60 CPM (3600 CPH). A rotary approach ensures efficient container handling and sufficient test time to perform a sensitive leak test. Machines can be configured for round or rectangular container shapes. The inspection technology is based on the standard ALPS NexGen Rotary controls platform, using ALPS’ high accuracy Leak Test Controllers (LTC’s).

The leak test machine's control system features ALPS Leak Test Controller ("LTC") Pressure Decay or Vacuum Decay test heads on each station.  The LTC uses a modular concept incorporating the test electronics, probe, cylinder, manifold and valves in a single quick-connect assembly that can be changed out on the leak test machine in less than 30 seconds.  All station specific test data is available for review through the standard color touch screen interface.

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NexGen Rotary Leak Tester

Rotary leak test machine

LTC Leak Test Controller 

ALPS NexGen Rotary front view

ALPS NexGen Rotary XLS Infeed & Outfeed 
side view

ALPS "LTC" Leak Test Controller