SC XL Linear Leak Tester for Large Containers

SC XL Linear Leak Tester for Large Containers

Large containers, such as 5-gallon water bottles, F-style industrial containers, 5-gallon / 20L / 30L edible oil, and gas cans, require leak testers specifically designed for their size. The ALPS SC-XL Linear indexing conveyor leak tester can handle containers up to the 30L range.

The ALPS SC-XL Linear indexing conveyor leak tester uses a simple single head platform that can test at higher speeds, with greater sensitivity, than typical competing technologies. As a result, the SC-XL Linear leak tester is more efficient and easier to use than larger footprint multiple-station cylinder stop leak testers.


  • Tests large containers such as 5-gallon water bottles, F-style industrial containers, Jerry cans, 5-gallon / 20L / 30L edible oil containers, etc.
  • Can test containers up to 12 inches x 16 inches (305mm x 405mm)
  • Standard 6 foot (1830mm) by 10 inch (260mm) width conveyor


In addition to increased speed and efficiency, the ALPS SC-XL leak tester offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Fully Guided Setup software: So user-friendly, even a novice user can perform an effective setup on a new container
  • Color touch screen interface: High quality interface with an array of features and capabilities
  • Icon-based menu structure: Easy to navigate; all of the major functions are no more than two clicks away
  • Graphic displays of part pressure and result calculations: Real time feedback provides a better understanding of the leak test function
  • Recipe storage with alphanumeric naming: Changeovers are quick and repeatable thanks to the system’s ability to save an unlimited number of recipes.
  • Fast, powerful PLC controller: Non-proprietary controls platform helps to ensure that every container tested meets ALPS leak testing standards.
  • Integrated ‘Self Test’ function: With a touch of a button, it’s easy to verify detection of defined hole sizes
  • Automated ‘Self Test’ capability: Because the machine is capable of auto-verifying its operation, it eliminates the need for employees to activate the ‘Self Test’
  • Password protection: Sensitive information and critical settings remain secure
  • Numeric display of probe and fill pressure regulators: Regulator settings are easy to set up and monitor
  • Vacuum conveyor option: This feature makes the testing process faster and more efficient
  • Fiber optic photo-eye with one-touch setup: Enables the tester to sense the container, for activation of the leak test, with a high level of accuracy
  • Height inspection options: Detects tall or short containers on the leak tester
  • Choked Neck Sensing probe option: To detect bottles with neck obstructions
  • Reject verification option: Verifies that each container is ejected properly from the conveyor
  • Ethernet option: Allows data collection for SCADA purposes

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