LC Linear Single Head Leak Tester

Low Cost Bottle Leak Detector

Low Cost Bottle Leak Detector

The LC Linear Single Head Leak Tester from Air Logic Power Systems offers high accuracy while keeping costs low. To ensure that empty plastic bottles don’t leak, blow molders and injection molders rely on ALPS bottle leak testers. The LC Linear offers a reliable and cost effective leak detection solution, particularly to small manufacturers and startups.

Benefits of the LC Linear Bottle Leak Tester

  • Color touch screen interface: Simple, efficient, and modern user interface
  • Multi-strand conveyor: Low cost and simple conveying approach
  • Painted steel frame: Rugged and durable construction, designed to last
  • Recipe storage for leak test settings: Quick and repeatable changeover of test settings
  • Dual-level conveyor rails: Ensures stability for larger containers
  • Gate cylinder: Provides ability to regulate bottles into the testing area, if needed
  • Stop cylinder: Provides ability to positively stop bottles in the testing area, if needed

Plastic Bottle Leak Detector Specs

Inspection speeds typically range between 1 to 25 Bottles-Per-Minute (60 to 1500 BPH), depending upon the container size and testing requirements.

The integrated strand conveyor, designed for end-to-end transfer of bottles from the production line, operates continuously at a fixed speed.  When the test probe force is applied to the bottle vertically, the strands that are traveling underneath the container are pressed into machined grooves, providing a sturdy base for the containers.

The bottle leak tester machine performs a sensitive leak test with capabilities typically between 0.004” to 0.020” diameter hole size detection depending upon the container size, volume, and required testing rate.

Scalable Solution for Growing Operations

As your business grows and you begin to add additional or split off production lines, you may need to increase your leak detection capacity. One option is to bring in additional LC Linear leak testers to run on your new lines, doubling or tripling capacity without affecting space. If your output has increased and is now more than 25 bottles per minute, you can upgrade to the SC Linear or RS Linear leak tester.

Installation & Training

Our team of seasoned service engineers will visit your site to install your bottle leak detector. Though installing a leak detector does interrupt production, we aim to minimize downtime as much as possible. After installation, we can train your technicians on the equipment, eliminating any confusion or guesswork that can come with new machinery.

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ALPS supplies bottle leak detectors to manufacturers all over the world, in the US, Mexico, South America, Asia and beyond. For more information about our LC Linear Low Cost Single Head Leak Tester request a quote today.

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