Filled Plastic Container Inspection

Packaging is used by virtually every industry, but problems like bad seals or seams cause leaks that impact the sterility products during shipping and storage. Ensuring the integrity of packaging, seams and seals in products is crucial, not only for your brand and consumer satisfaction but for compliance with regulatory laws.

Filled plastic container testing systems provide a solution by identifying small leaks before products reach store shelves. These container testing systems come in different options to meet a variety of testing needs and operating environments.

Reliability, speed, and simplicity of operation are all determining factors when selecting leak testing equipment. You need a flexible solution that provides accurate non-destructive testing at a reasonable rate and is compatible with a variety of container sizes and styles.

ALPS' Most Commonly Recommended Model for Filled Container Testing is the Certicheck Multi-Functional Leak Tester

ALPS Certicheck for Filled Containers    Learn more about the CERTICheck's Specifcations.

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ALPS has the industry knowledge and expertise to help you find the best plastic package testing solution to meet your needs. We work with your partner companies to deliver leak testing solutions that accommodate a range of package sizes and styles, giving you the flexibility you need on the production line.

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