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Split seams, weak seals, and other plastic packaging issues don’t just result in leaks. They can lead to contamination that affects product integrity and places not only your brand but customer health at risk. Conducting container inspections for plastic packages is necessary to verify the integrity of containers before filling the bottles.

Container inspections for plastic packages should not significantly slow down your assembly line or require an external party to visit your facility to conduct an audit of your plastic containers. You need a solution that helps you maintain an efficient production operation while meeting all your testing requirements.

Empty plastic package testing equipment provides a solution by detecting defects along the bottom, sidewalls, and neck of plastic containers. These systems come as separate tabletop units or integrate into your production line to perform leak tests without interruption. Test anywhere from dozens to a hundred bottles per minute to keep your manufacturing processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Fast and Reliable Package Integrity Testing

Empty plastic container testing systems from ALPS include linear, in-line testing systems that include single or multiple testing stations for bottles of various sizes.

Our multi-station moving head leak test machine utilizes the pressure decay leak testing method and uses continuous motion to inspect up to 500 containers per minute. The empty plastic container testing machine conveniently installs onto your existing tabletop conveyor system and features a multi-channel PLC and touch color screen interface.

The SC linear indexing conveyor leak testers are designed for general purpose empty plastic package testing. These empty plastic container testing systems utilize high-speed integrated leak testing and accommodate containers of various sizes up to 5 gallons. Maximum testing speeds are up to 30 containers per minute for large plastic bottles, up to 100 containers per minute for single-serve containers, and up to 200 containers per minute for small pharmaceutical bottles.

Container Inspectors for Plastic Packages

  • Bottle testers for blow molded HDPE (polyolefin)
  • Machines for PET bottle inspection
  • Leak testers for injection-molded containers and assemblies
  • Leak and function testers for dispensing closures.

Seal Integrity Testing for Filled & Sealed Plastic Packages

  • On-line leak testing of dry products
  • Off-line inspection of packages including filled plastic bottle leak testers, filled tray leak testers and filled plastic cup leak testers.

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ALPS' main market historically has been leak inspection equipment for on-line, non-destructive testing of containers, primarily in the high growth plastic industry. Our installed base of bottle testers is inspecting more than 50 billion containers annually.

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