Empty Plastic Containers

Empty Plastic Containers

Bottle Tester PET Bottle Inspection

ALPS leak testing – container examples

ALPS' main market historically has been leak inspection equipment for on-line, non-destructive testing of containers, primarily in the high growth plastic industry.  ALPS' installed base of bottle testers is inspecting more than 50 billion containers annually.

ALPS provides a wide variety of Container Inspectors for plastic packages.  Common systems include:

  • Bottle testers for blow molded HDPE (polyolefin)
  • Machines for PET bottle inspection
  • Leak testers for injection molded containers and assemblies
  • Leak and function testers for dispensing closures.

ALPS currently offers seal integrity testing for Filled & Sealed Plastic Packages including:

  • On-line leak testing of dry products
  • Off-line inspection of packages including filled plastic bottle leak testers, filled tray leak testers and filled plastic cup leak testers.

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