Company Overview

Historical Performance

  • Air Logic Power Systems LLC (ALPS), founded in 1974, is the market leader in manufacturing on-line leak inspection equipment for empty plastic containers.

  • ALPS is a specialist. Container leak testing equipment is all that we do.

  • ALPS offers a full range of machines from single station linear units to 30-station rotaries.

  • ALPS has delivered more than 2,600 leak test machines with the current population of units testing more than 50 billion containers annually.

  • Market experience includes all plastic container sizes, shapes and materials. About half of the installed base is testing PET containers; the other half Polyolefins.

Plastic Types


North American Presence

  • ALPS' headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

  • Sales, Service, Parts and Manufacturing in Milwaukee

  • ALPS has maintained a free 24-hour Service Hotline for 20+ years.

ALPS Shop Floor   ALPS North American Location   Small Plastic Bottle Tested