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How Much Will ALPS Leak Inspection Equipment Cost? Understanding Cost Vs. Value

At ALPS Inspection, we’re often asked a simple question: “How much does your inspection equipment cost?”
Cost vs. Value

It should come as no surprise that the answer depends – on the shape and size of the bottles you’re going to manufacture, your production rate, your specified hole-size sensitivity, and even the type of resin your bottles are formed from.

(And depending on some of the specific attributes of your manufacturing process, we offer a variety of additional options that allow your production process to maintain the quality without jeopardizing your speed).

With that stated, though, we know that your budget is fixed. At ALPS Inspection, we ensure that your investment in our equipment is seen as such, and not just as a cost.

Leak detection equipment is often viewed as a cost that comes at the “price” of slowing down your production processes. But this is simply not true. ALPS Inspection equipment can remove a variety of barriers in your production process and increase quality by minimizing your false positives and negatives – all without negatively affecting production speed.

The Cost of ALPS Inspection Equipment – How Much Will I Pay?

Wondering how much you’ll pay for ALPS Inspection equipment? While we can’t give you a precise answer without a consultation, there are a few factors that will influence the cost of your investment.

  • Models, features, and accessories – We have a wide variety of linear leak testers, rotary leak testers, and integrated leak testers, and any one of our machines may be right for your needs, depending on your products and production processes.

  • Production volume and types of production runs – Larger bottle production volume means that you may need multiple machines to keep up with the volume you’re producing. In addition, multiple types of product runs may require additional changeovers and tooling, which adds to expenses.

  • Desired level of automation – We offer machines recipe-saving programs, and completely automated changeovers with tool-less changeovers. Depending on your production methods and personnel, this equipment may be a good choice for your environment.

  • Floor plan space/production setup – The size, layout, and space of your production facility affects how much conveyor work is required to transition between equipment while minimizing manual labor during the production process.

All of these factors can affect the cost of your equipment from ALPS Inspection, so they must be considered when pricing your investment in the new leak testing equipment you need.

Consider the Lifetime Value of Your Equipment and  How It Will Help You Save

So, is it really worth investing in leak inspection equipment when overhauling your production processes? The answer is “yes.” The value that your testing equipment from ALPS Inspection will provide over its lifetime exceeds its cost dramatically – here are just a few ways that you can benefit and save money with our testing equipment.

  • Not having the right equipment can be costly – Using risky methods of improving production, such as speeding up machines, playing with resin formulations, light weighting, or risking it without testing can result in serious production quality issues that will alienate your customers. In addition, false negatives/positives can also ruin deadlines and margins. It also can be harder to manage quality control due to the increasing usage of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin, so having the proper leak testing equipment is essential.

  • Avoid jeopardizing client relationships – Quality control issues can destroy your existing client relationships, who will immediately begin looking for a new supplier to provide them with the products they need. Inconsistent quality due to lacking the right equipment can also cause you to lose potential new business opportunities.

  • Improve both speed and quality in your manufacturing processes – ALPS products can keep pace with your blow molders, which are typically the limiting factor in the speed of your production process. In addition, features like automated changeovers, saved recipes, and quick-release tooling minimize production downtime.

    You’ll also be able to speed up the on-boarding process for clients that require the use of leak detection equipment during production, which is becoming increasingly common with the rise of PCR resin use.

Investing in leak testing equipment from ALPS Inspection is a great choice for your business. If you need reliable, fast, and efficient leak testing equipment to ensure your products are meeting the highest quality standards, we’re here to help. 

Contact Us for A Personalized Consultation and Quote for Your Facility

The cost of ALPS Inspection leak detection equipment depends on a wide variety of factors. If you’re considering investing in our products, don’t wait. Contact us online to schedule a consultation and get a quote or give us a call at 877-969-2713 to get started.


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