Blister Packs

Sepha Vision Scan Accurately detects defects

As part of the TASI Group, ALPS is aligned with other leak testing companies within the Test and Inspection Division that offer an array of leak testing solutions.

ALPS' sister company, Sepha, has a range of tool-less, non-destructive leak test equipment for pharmaceutical blister packs.  

Sepha Vision Scan Accurately detects defects | Machine

In contrast to traditional methods of blister pack inspection such as blue-dye, which is destructive, subjective and non-repeatable, non-destructive technologies such as Sepha’s VisionScan, can accurately, detect defects in individual blister pockets, channel leaks and weak seals down to 7 microns. Results are also repeatable, easily validated and objective, and as VisionScan is a tool-less system, it is ideal for production lines running multiple products. 

In addition to VisionScan, the new automated VisionScan Max which has been designed to either integrate with blister production lines or operate as a stand-alone unit, has the ability to perform 100% batch testing at a high throughput of up to 8 packs per minute*.

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*(pack and material dependent).