Additional Services

To help our customers get the best performance from their ALPS leak inspection systems, we offer an array of additional services, products, and information. These include:

Service, Support & Training

If you need to schedule a service appointment, require troubleshooting assistance, or are interested in training for your leak detection system, the ALPS Service Team is just a phone call away! Emergency assistance is also available.

Parts & Seals

ALPS maintains a huge inventory of spare parts and replacement seals for all our leak tester models. We also have an in-house machine shop and seal lab to fabricate custom or specialty parts, as needed. Our network of suppliers ensures fast delivery to get your system back online with minimal downtime.


Our leak testing machines are engineered to deliver many years of reliable service. However, if your current leak tester requires new functionality or alterations to accommodate new testing processes, we offer complete retrofitting service. On-site retrofitting and Do-It-Yourself retrofit kits are available.

Feasibility Testing

Our in-house testing lab is available for the evaluation of sample parts. Send us a sample of the product(s) you need to test, along with your testing parameters, and ALPS will perform trial tests to determine which of our leak inspection systems is best for your application.

Application Notes

Read our collection of application notes to find out the best method and machines for leak testing your particular container type.

Discontinued Products

Information on many of our older models is available, as well as links to new models that have replaced these discontinued leak testers. If you need an upgrade from your prior-generation ALPS leak inspection device, this page will help you find the current model that offers the most comparable capabilities and performance.

For additional information on our additional services or any of our leak detection systems, Send us a Question today!