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OEM Partners

ALPS is a specialist with a complete focus on the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art leak testing equipment for plastic bottle blow molding lines.

ALPS has worked with the following established suppliers in the industry to combine our expertise together with theirs to produce complete solutions for our common customers.

We would like to thank these companies, and all of the OEMs and engineering firms that we have worked with through the years, for their continued support in helping us meet the needs of our growing customer base.

Company  Company Name Website Description
Automatic Feeder Company Inc. www.automaticfeeder.com Automatic Feeder Company manufactures, designs, & builds orienting machinery and conveyor systems. 
Belvac Production Machinery Inc.  www.belvac.com

 Belvac designs and produces
continuous motion rotary machinery.

Container Automation Systems  www.cas-ctg.com CAS provides cost effective plastic bottle packaging line equipment to the empty plastic bottle industry.
 Custom Metal Designs Inc. www.custommetaldesigns.com Custom Metal Designs provide container handlign systems, custom conveyors and metal fabrication, among other services, to the plastic bottle industry.
Dyco Inc.  www.dyco-inc.com  Dyco designs, fabricates and installs advanced systems to move and mange plastic bottles.
Lanfranchi North America  www.lanfranchigroup.com  Lanfranchi designs, builds and installs machines for empty plastic bottle handling for the bottling industry.
Norwalt Design Inc.  www.norwalt.com  Norwalt designs and builds high speed assembly machinery and feed systems for the consumer good, food, beverage, and medical device industry.
PET Terra Systems  www.petsystems.com  PTS provides state of the art facility design for the food and beverage and plastic packaging industries.
Techgen www.techgen.com.cn  Techgen manufactures integration/turnkey for the complete filling and packaging lines in the beverage, bottled water, edible oil, brewery, winery, food, pharmaceutical, liquid and powder milk, household chemicals & cooking oil, lubrication oil,chemical, and personal care industries.