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Integrated Leak Testers

Integrated leak testers are custom designed to be integrated into existing equipment and provide an alternative to purchasing and installing a full leak test system into their line. They are used to test empty and filled containers of various sizes such as vials, beverage bottles, food packaging, automotive oil bottles, and much more.

Leak detection machines are available in rotary leak testing and linear leak testing configuration and use one of two methods for testing empty and filled containers:

  • Pressure Decay Leak Testing: This is the primary testing method for empty bottles and containers and involves extending a probe into a container to create a leak-tight seal on the opening. The container is then filled to a specific pressure; if the target pressure range is not achieved, the container fails the test. Pressure decay leak testers can also be used to test seal integrity and the integrity of filled and sealed containers.
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Testing: The vacuum decay leak testing method is non-destructive and used for sealed containers and packages for food, beverage, and personal care applications. This method involved drawing a vacuum on containers or packages within a test chamber. Vacuum levels are monitored for decay, which indicates the presence of a leak. Vacuum decay leak testers are available through our sister  companies, Sepha and Bonfiglioni Engineering.

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Our Customized Leak Detection Machines Integrate into Your Existing Equipment

ALPS provides custom units designed for leak test integration within other equipment. Our integrated leak testers are built to our customers’ unique specifications and engineered for compatibility with their existing equipment.

These custom units help customers save time and money and can be integrated with equipment such as:

  • Blow molding machines
  • Bottle converters
  • Trimmers
  • Labelers
  • Assembly machines

Versatile Leak Tester Integration Solutions

We offer a full line of integrated leak testers, making it easy to find the right device for your needs. Our family of leak test integration solutions includes: 

  • Integrated Leak Test Stations: Integrate with equipment that performs container handling, including a presentation to leak tester probes.
  • MLT Trimmer Mount Leak Testers: Designed to inspect containers presented horizontally on an indexing conveyor; commonly mounted on inline impact trimmers. Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 station configurations.
  • NexGen Rotary Turrets for Monoblock Applications: Integrate with inspection systems for empty or filled containers, including high-speed rotary machines capable of rates up to 72,000 Containers-Per-Hour.

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Integrated Leak Tester


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