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Aerosol Containers

Bonfiglioli Aerosol Container Testing

Aerosol container testing in the TASI Test family of brands is done by our Bonfiglioli Engineering machinery brand. Bonfiglioli Engineering’s line of destructive burst and nondestructive vacuum decay machines for testing aerosol containers have been approved by the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) as an acceptable “Alternative Test Method” to the common Hot Water Bath Test.

Bonfiglioli Engineering offers a range of machines that can perform 100% inspection of both empty and filled aerosol containers in both on-line and lab size units. Our machines offer a faster and more reliable method for testing aerosol containers in a much smaller footprint than the standard Hot Water Bath Test.

To learn more about Bonfiglioli's full line of Aerosol Package Testing Products, you can view them on the Bonfiglioli Engineering website.